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Adaptil Collar for Dogs


Product Description

Adaptil is a very popular therapeutic aid for dogs with behaviour problems and anxiety.

The Adaptil Collar is designed to be worn by dogs for continuous release of the Adaptil pheromones. Adaptil has been developed to help dogs cope with changes, adapt to boarding and travel, deal with anxiety and phobias and to help with various behaviour problems. If your dog gets worried about loud noises, storms, separation from you, barks excessively or cries at night, Adaptil could help your dog to cope with these stressful situations. Dogs are particularly susceptible to pheromone therapy as their primitive ‘smell brain’ is highly developed and integrated. Adaptil is completely undetectable to human noses, but to dogs it reminds them of that feeling of security they had with their mum when they were little pups. When puppies are young, near mum is a comforting, warm and safe place. In order to enhance attachment between the puppies and the mother, she excretes special pheromones from her mammary tissue. Adaptil is a synthetic form of these pheromones; it’s no wonder so many dogs find it so incredibly comforting, it’s a little like getting a warm hug from mum.

Many dogs develop anxiety to storms and loud noises, making storm season and fireworks season a complete misery. If your dog paces, hides, salivates excessively, barks or is unable to be left alone during these times, Adaptil can help reassure and comfort your dog. Adaptil is recommended by behaviourists, combined with training to help dogs with separation anxiety. Those dogs that cry when left alone, bark or are destructive often have not developed coping skills to help them deal with even short periods of solitude. Dogs often bond very closely to their family and as a social beast, best suited to life in a pack, they may not easily adapt to life where they need to be left alone.  Adaptil can help in these situations by reminding them on a subconscious level that they are safe and secure. We suggest using the Adaptil Collar for dogs that spend a great deal of time outdoors. The collar should not be worn while swimming or bathing. It lasts for one month, then should be safely discarded and replaced. If used for storm phobias, we suggest creating a ‘den’ somewhere in the home, perhaps by setting up a kennel or crate and covering it with heavy blankets to help dull the terrifying noises outside. Again, give your dog something to chew and some treats and encourage him to feel safe and secure in his den. Adaptil is non-toxic, safe to use in pets of all ages, shapes and sizes and is a cost effective way to help manage anxiety.

Why Should I Choose Adaptil?

  • To avoid the use of medications for anxious dogs, try Adaptil first.
  • Great to use during times of stress and change such as moving house, bringing home a new baby or introducing a new puppy.
  • Adaptil can also be useful for dogs with senile dementia.

 Why Would I Use Something Else?

  • If Adaptil does not work for your dog and anxiety is interfering with quality of life for you and your pet, please see your veterinarian.
  • If your dog spends a great deal of time inside, consider the Adaptil diffuser instead.

What else do I need?

If your dog is prone to anxiety, consider PAW Multi-Tryptophan, which may help with behaviour problems via nutritional support.

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