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Advantix for Medium Dogs 4-10kg Aqua


Product Description

Advantix for Medium Dogs 4-10kg (Aqua) is the only top-spot that will protect your canine companion against fleas, ticks, biting flies, mosquitoes and sandflies in one simple treatment.

Of all the top-spot parasite treatments currently on the market, Advantix is the only one that has any repellent activity, acting to stop biting flies, mosquitoes and sandflies from biting and bothering your dog. With so many different flea medications on the market, we want to make sure we are spending our money on something effective and safe. The point of difference of Advantix is its repellent action and its action against biting insects. Buy online with confidence knowing that the Team at Love That Pet strives every day to deliver you the best price and value combined with the best Advantix advice. Top-spot medications are so called because they are easily applied to the skin on the back of the neck and absorbed into the skin and coat. Most external parasite protection is applied this way and Advantix is almost completely water-safe. You do need to wait until the product is dry before your dog swims and if your dog is a frequent swimmer or has baths more than fortnightly Advantix may stop working. The product is safe to use weekly, so if your pet does take a few extra unplanned swims and you start to notice parasites reappearing, it is perfectly safe to reapply as frequently as weekly.

Advantix Aqua is used monthly to prevent mosquitoes, sandflies, some ticks and biting flies. It must be used fortnightly for paralysis ticks (which is the same as Frontline). There are 3 main types of ticks in Australia all with different distributions. One is the well-known paralysis tick, the other two types, the brown dog tick and bush tick can cause anaemia and carry disease in humans and animals. Advantix is not labelled to repel fleas, so you can sometimes see occasional fleas on your pet when using the product. The toxin works within a couple of hours to paralyse the flea’s mouthparts to stop feeding. This means that those fleas you see are not biting and irritating your pet. Biting fleas cause flea allergy dermatitis, making Advantix a great choice for dogs with allergies. Many dogs in Australia and warmer clients are bothered by flies, particularly on their ears. Advantix is the only product that actually repels biting flies, so if your dog has scabby, ear tips, monthly Advantix will give some relief from this frustrating condition. Parasites such as ticks, fleas, mosquitoes and flies carry diseases and cause severe irritation to the delicate skin of our pets. Advantix makes sure you have excellent protection from the major parasites that bite and bother our furry friends with its unique repellent action. Do you have more than one dog? Are they different sizes? Don't stress, we carry the complete Advantix range. From the very small to the extra large, we've got your canine companion's flea and tick prevention needs covered.

Why Should I Choose Advantix for Medium Dogs?

  • If you live in an area with large numbers of biting flies (stable flies), mosquitoes and sandflies, Advantix is the only product that will repel these nasties
  • If you live in a tick area along the East Coast of Australia, Advantix has some repellent activity and will also kill ticks. You will still need to tick search your dog daily just in case, as it only takes one tick to cause paralysis and no product is 100% effective
  • If you need an effective flea product, Advantix works quickly to stop flea bites within a couple of hours
  • Advantix is safe to use from 7 weeks of age and can be used during pregnancy and lactation

When Should I Use Something Else?

  • If you have cats. Advantix for Dogs is incredibly toxic to cats. Even if your dog sleeps on the same bed as your cat or brushes up against your cat, it can be fatal. Don’t take the risk!
  • If your dog has baths with shampoo more than fortnightly it will make Advantix less effective, though you can reapply the product as frequently as weekly if you need to.
  • The manufacturer recommends consulting your Veterinarian before applying to a debilitated pet. That being said, because the active ingredients concentrate in the skin and the chemicals have no effect on mammals adverse reactions are extremely rare.

If Advantix isn't quite right for your canine companion, we carry a wide range of alternative  Flea Treatments for Dogs that will help protect your furry family members against pesky fleas and parasites.

What else do I need?

Because Advantix only covers biting surface parasites you will also need to consider heartworm prevention and intestinal worming. One option is to pair Advantix with Interceptor Spectrum for Dogs on a monthly basis. That way you have everything covered with just two monthly products (or fortnightly Advantix during paralysis tick season). Here at Love That Pet we provide pet lovers and your pets with Amazing Care solutions, Astounding Value pet supplies and truly Awesome Service each and every day. Buy online with confidence knowing that we strive every day to deliver you the best price and value combined with the best Advantix advice.

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