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Bravecto for Very Large Dogs 40-56kg Pink


Product Description

Bravecto is revolutionising the way we treat ticks and fleas in Australia. This new flavoured chew is simply given once every 3 months.

For the first time in Australia we can relax a little with our flea and tick medication. No longer is there a need to give something every 2 weeks or every month for ticks. This amazing treatment lasts for up to 4 months for paralysis ticks and up to 3 months for fleas. The active ingredient in the Bravecto flea and tick treatment is fluralaner, which has recently been thoroughly inspected by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) as a new, safe and effective parasite product.

This highly palatable chew is safe for pregnant, breeding and lactating dogs. It can be used in puppies from 8 weeks of age. Using a flavoured chew means there is no residue that will come off on the hair or coat, so there is no danger to cats or children. We also love Bravecto for dogs that need frequent baths or swim. Bravecto is not compromised by frequent wetting, unlike top-spot medications. Bravecto should be administered with food, so even if your dog doesn’t take it straight from your hand like a treat, it can easily be hidden in something delicious. In palatability studies, 93.2% of dogs took it straight from the hand like a treat. As with any tick treatment, we recommend daily tick searches in tick areas, as it only takes one tiny paralysis tick to cause fatal tick paralysis.

Why Should I use Bravecto?

  • Convenient 3 monthly dosing.
  • Tasty flavoured chew is highly palatable and easy to give.
  • Effective against paralysis ticks  and fleas.
  • Great for dogs that swim or have frequent baths.

Why Would I Use Something Else?

  • Bravecto should not be used in puppies less than 8 weeks of age.
  • Bravecto is for flea and ticks only, a separate intestinal wormer and heartworm treatment should be used also.
  • This product is not registered for cats, but can be used in households that own cats.

What Else Do I Need?

Bravecto is for fleas and ticks only, for heartworm and intestinal worms you can use the montly flavoured chew Interceptor. Or ask your vet to give the yearly heartworm injection then simply treat every 3 months with Interceptor for intestinal worms.

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