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Comfortis Green for Medium Dogs (9.1-18kg)


Product Description

Comfortis Green for Medium Dogs (9.1-18kg) is the fastest acting flea treatment on the market killing fleas in just 4 hours. It has the added benefit of coming in flavoured, chewable tablets that your dog will love.

The Comfortis chew is beef flavoured and very palatable. It contains a unique new flea-killing ingredient called Spinosad. While many top spot flea control products take up to 48 hours to kill each flea Comfortis works much more quickly and will start killing those pesky parasites within 30 minutes. The treatment is 100% effective within 4 hours. This rapid speed of kill means fleas are killed well and truly before they start laying eggs. As Comfortis for dogs is a monthly tablet, it is perfect for dogs that have frequent baths or swim. You do not need to worry about a medication sitting on the surface of the skin that can be rubbed or washed off. Dogs that have allergies respond very well to Comfortis. Many dogs bothered by allergies lick and scratch throughout spring and summer and develop severe dermatitis. This can result in some big Vet bills. One flea bite can keep an allergic dog itching for up to 2 weeks. The flea saliva from flea bites is usually the culprit and these dogs are driven crazy even by just a couple of fleas. Flea allergic dogs are so irritated by their fleas that they often groom them out immediately, so often you don’t see many fleas. Dogs with pollen, food or other allergies also respond well to Comfortis as they tend to have increased sensitivity to fleas. Comfortis for dogs is safe to use in conjunction with other standard medications, however, if you happen to be using ivermectin in an off-label manner you should be careful when using Comfortis. When we speak of off-label, this means using a product in a different manner to that recommended by the manufacturer. This could include using injectable ivermectin designed for use in cattle as a tick preventative in dogs, or using ivermectin for treatment of demodectic mange. If your dog is undergoing treatment for mange, please chat to your Vet before using Comfortis. Comfortis is otherwise safe to use with normal dog heartworm preventatives that contain ivermectin. Do you have more than one dog? Are they different sizes? Don't stress, we carry the complete Comfortis range. From the very small to the extra large, we've got your canine companion's flea and parasite prevention needs covered.

Why Should I Choose Comfortis Green for Medium Dogs?

  • Comfortis kills fleas faster than any other product
  • Comfortis for dogs is the only flea product that is a monthly flavoured tablet rather than a top spot so it is great for dogs that swim or are bathed frequently
  • If you have small children and find it hard to get them to stop touching the dog after you put on a top-spot medication, Comfortis is a great safe alternative

When Should I Use Something Else?

  • If you currently use ivermectin at higher than usual doses, rather than just at heartworm preventative doses (eg for off-label use for ticks or mites), do not use Comfortis. Neurological signs have been reported with this combination
  • Should not be used in pregnant animals, breeding males or puppies younger than 14 weeks
  • If your dog has epilepsy, perhaps use another product just in case. In 4 animals with pre-existing epilepsy, Comfortis was found to be safe at normal doses, but at higher than normal doses a couple of dogs did have one seizure within a week

If Comfortis for dogs isn't quite right for your canine companion, we carry a wide range of alternative Flea & Tick Treatments for Dogs that will help protect your furry family members against pesky fleas and parasites.

What else do I need?

Comfortis for dogs only kills fleas, so if you are in an area with ticks, you will need to perform daily tick searches on your pet or use a tick control treatment. Bear in mind that even if you do use a tick preventative, tick searches are still necessary as no product is 100% safe. You will also need to cover heartworm and intestinal worms, which can be done with the monthly flavoured chew Interceptor Spectrum.

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