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Ruffwear Summit Trex Dog Boots Orange


Product Description

The Ruffwear Summit Trex Dog Boots offer everyday protection for your dogs paws.

Summit Trex dog boots provide everyday traction and paw protection from extreme temperatures, abrasive surfaces, and salt or other snowmelt chemicals. The Ruffwear-designed outsole provides flexible traction while an integrated stretch gaiter protects legs and locks out dirt and debris The boots are sold in packs of four and can be worn with the Ruffwear Bark n Boot liner for added comfort. They Ruffwear Summit Trex Boots are easy to put on and take off with a Velcro strap that adjusts to your dogs size for added comfort. It is really important to get the correct size for your dog so to ensure a proper fit (and to ensure the boots stay on) it is important to measure your dog's paws. Don’t assume large dogs have large paws, measuring is crititical to ensure a proper fit Unlike human footwear sizes are based on the width of the paw and not the length Ruffwear boots are designed to fit a dogs anatomy – they are not designed to be worn at a right angle like human footwear. The boots do not need to be pulled up past the carpal pad. By following our simple directions below for measuring your dogs paw you will be sure to purchase the correct size: • Have your dog stand on a firm surface (wood, linoleum, or concrete). • Place a piece of blank paper under a front paw. • Mark the paper at the paw's widest point on the left and right edges of the paw (see graphic on size chart). • Use a ruler to measure the distance from the left mark to the right mark on the paper. • Refer to the size chart to determine the size you should purchase.

Why choose the Ruffwear Summit Trex Dog Boots?


  • Protects dogs' paws from exposure to new environments: extreme temperatures, abrasive surfaces, and snowmelt chemicals
  • Traction is improved with flexible, non-marking, high-mileage outsole
  • Integrated stretch gaiter protects leg and locks out dirt and debris
  • Moisture and debris stay out via weather-resistant upper
  • Reliable, intuitive hook and loop cinch strap
  • Enhanced visibility with reflective trim
  • Fits a wide range of paw sizes
  • Made in Vietnam


    • Secure fasteners
    • Wash in cold water
    • Gentle cycle
    • Mild detergent
    • Air dry

What else do I need?

For added comfort the Ruffwear Summit Trex Boots can be worn with the Ruffwear Bark N Boot Liners. The Bark N Boot liners are a comfortable, quick drying sock that improves the experience of wearing Ruffwear boots. Dogs actually sweat through their paws and this genies fabric blend is designed to catch excess moisture. The liner also makes it easier for the boots to go on and off since the tapered cuff keeps the dogs paw in place.

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