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Epi-Otic Ear Cleanser


Product Description

For dogs and cats with frequent ear infections Epi-Otic Ear Cleanser is an essential tool to clean your pet’s ears.

Epi-Otic is manufactured by Virbac Animal Health, providing a gentle, non-irritating ear cleaner for pets prone to infections or smelly ears. A good quality ear cleaner aims to reduce grease, crusts, bacteria and yeast, enhance drying and reduce irritation. The gentle Epi-Otic delivers all these things in a non-smelly, gentle and safe liquid formulation. For dogs with hairy, greasy and floppy ears ear cleaning is essential. Dogs who swim and have underlying skin allergies are also prone to ear infections. Vets recommend fortnightly ear cleaning with a gentle ear cleaner to reduce the dead skin cells, grease and exudate in your pet’s ears, that make infections more likely. Dogs and cats both have much longer ear canals than humans (around 5cm long in a cat and 5-10cm long in a dog). The ear canal is also shaped like an ‘L’, making it difficult to remove exudate and fluid from right down near the eardrum, where most infections start. This warm, dark, moist and humid ear canal environment is why many pets experience the discomfort of frequent ear infections without regular cleaning. To clean your pet’s ears, simply fill the ear canal with the cleanser, massage well then wipe clean. As your pet shakes his head, the ear cleaner brings all that smelly gunk out with it, allowing air to circulate and reducing the substrate that bacteria and yeast feed on. For further information on how to clean your pet’s ears visit here. If your dog is experiencing ear pain, a head tilt, loss of balance or there is significant redness and exudate, consult with your veterinarian before ear cleaning. While there are no known ototoxic effects of Epi-Otic, your pet should be checked by a vet for a ruptured ear drum before using Epi-Otic.

Why Should I Choose Epiotic Ear Cleanser?

  • Vet recommended ear cleaner to reduce ear smell and limit infections.
  • Gentle, non-irritating formula.
  • Great to use after swimming or bathing, to dry the ear canal.

Why Would I Need Something Else?

  • For pets with significant infection or ear pain, ask your vet to check your pet’s ears prior to using Epi-Otic.

What Else Do I Need?

If your dog is prone to frequent allergies, consider using a gentle Oatmeal shampoo like Aloveen weekly (but not in those ears!).

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