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Zero Shock Red Dog Leash


Product Description

Zero Shock Dog Leashes by EzyDog include an advanced shock-absorbing webbing designed to reduce the impact of any sudden lunges made by your dog resulting in a smoother, more comfortable walk for you and your canine companion.

Many dogs can be unpredictable and lurch from smell to smell checking their pee-mail on their walks or lunging at other dogs. Sudden leaps and pulling can lead to shoulder trauma, rotator cuff and wrist injuries and reduce the enjoyment of those daily walks with your canine friend. EzyDog has developed Zero Shock dog leashes to increase comfort for both you and your pet in an innovative, stylish design. EzyDog’s unique design allows for that initial jolt as your dog pulls to be absorbed by the ultra-strong nylon webbing in the bungee section of the leash. No more do you need to fiddle around with a retractable leash or suffer the worry of a long leash suddenly being torn out of your hand. You can simply walk your pet with a stylish and functional design that gives you superior control. Zero Shock dog leashes can also be used as a training aid. Because the leash absorbs so much force, your dog is less able to pull you off balance. The force from a strong pull is transmitted through the bungee and back out again to your dog. Your strong dog will soon learn that lunging and leaping is actually counter productive and slows down the walk, giving you back the control. The soft neoprene-lined handle is gentle on the hands, easy to grip and incredibly strong. Reflective trim finishes off the overall design to increase night-time safety. Adjacent to the handled is an extra D-ring that allows attachment of keys or a doggy-bag pouch, demonstrating the increased functionality and attention to detail in design that we expect from EzyDog. The snap clip that attaches the leash to your dog’s harness or collar is heavy duty and will not bend or snap at that crucial moment. The longer 120cm leash also includes a traffic control handle close to the snap clip that allows you to rein your dog in to a short leash for periods when close control is necessary. So if you are looking for quality, innovation and a clever solution to save your arm and back from a heavy puller, the EzyDog Zero Shock leash is just the stylish option you need.

Why Choose These Dog Leashes?

  • You need quality, durable and long-lasting dog leashes with a sporty design
  • Your dog pulls, lunges at other dogs or cyclists or needs added control
  • You have a large or strong pet
  • You have a shoulder, back or arm injury that makes walking your dog difficult
  • You run with your pet and want to maintain your centre of balance

What Else Do I Need?

Consider a matching collar from our EzyDog range to help complete your look or alternatively, consider mixing things up with a unique and stylish design from our range of dog collars. For strong pullers, you may want to consider the Double Up collar with the extra safety of the double D rings for secure attachment.You'll also want to ensure your dog always finds their way home so be sure to add a tag with your contact details.

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