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Feliway Spray for Cats


Product Description

Feliway is a very popular therapeutic aid for cats with anxiety and behaviour problems such as inappropriate urination.

The Feliway Spray can be used for cats who urinate places they shouldn’t, for travel or for marking behaviour like scratching.  Feliway was developed to help cats cope with changes, adapt to boarding and travel, deal with anxiety and phobias and to help with various behaviour problems. If your cat is prone to urinating outside of the litter tray when stressed, is over-grooming or is about to undergo a big change like a new baby, house move or new roommate Feliway can help. Cats are particularly susceptible to pheromone therapy; their ‘smell brain’ is very well developed, with 30% of their brain being devoted to their sense of smell. Feliway is completely undetectable to human noses, but to cats it makes their environment smell familiar and comforting. Feliway is analogue of the feline facial pheromone. When cats rub their faces on furniture, scratch on the couch or urinate on the bed, part of what is going on is an urge to make the environment smell more like cat. This marking behaviour can be a little antisocial if you have to deal with accidents on your bed regularly. Vets frequently see cats with a condition called Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD), or Idiopathic Cystitis. In this syndrome, cats develop increased frequency of urination, inappropriate urination (outside of the normal toileting spot) and blood in the urine. Cats are sensitive creatures and hide their stress extremely well. They may look calm on the surface, but the physiological changes involved in stress are thought to effect the urinary bladder leading to inflammation. Feliway is recommended by vets to help reduce the stress leading to conditions like FLUTD. Cats are not particularly good at handling changes. Like OCD people, they like routines and predictable patterns. They often cope poorly with trips to the vet, house moves, new household members (feline, canine or human), new furniture, cats next door and routine changes. A cat who is stressed may seem externally normal, or you may see signs such as:

  • Over grooming (or grooming less than usual).
  • Inappropriate toileting (urinating or defecating outside the litter)
  • Vocalising or yowling at night.
  • Redirected aggression (attacking you, the kids, the dog or another cat).
  • Hiding.
  • Not eating.

We suggest spraying Feliway in a transport carrier prior to a trip in the car to the vet or boarding. You can also spray Feliway onto a towel to take to the cattery. Vets will often use Feliway on their hands if they need to handle a slightly worried or fearful patient. If your cat likes to scratch the furniture, try spraying Feliway on the spot daily. This marking behaviour is often easily deterred if you provide another scratching post, spray Feliway on the old spot and perhaps even utilise double-sided sticky tape as an added deterrent. If your cat has occasional accidents outside the tray or scent-marks on the bed, couch or furniture, clean the area with an enzymatic cleaner like Urine Off and spray some Feliway in that area (just test it first on a small area of fabric, or spray it on a towel). Feliway is non-toxic, safe to use in pets of all ages, shapes and sizes and is a cost effective way to help manage anxiety.

Why Should I Choose Feliway?

  • An effective non-drug solution for anxiety in cats.
  • Ease the stress of moving house or introducing new a new cat.
  • Feliway is useful for cats who over-groom due to stress or have FLUTD.

Why Would I Use Something Else?

  • If Feliway does not work for your pet, please see your veterinarian for advice.
  • If your cat is straining to urinate, please contact your vet immediately.

What else do I need?

  • Feliway spray can be useful to spray into your cat carrier or on a blanket prior to travel.

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