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Hills Metabolic Canine Prescription Diet - Canned


Product Description

Hill’s Prescription Diet Metabolic Canned Food For Dogs

If you are a dog owner, there is a 50% chance your pet is overweight. Hill’s Prescription Diet Metabolic Canned Food for dogs addresses this problem. It is one of the best diets around for dogs needing to shed extra pounds. This nutritional solution has been developed by veterinarians and nutritionists for dogs in need of weight management.

The diet is designed to work in tandem which each dog’s particular metabolism, as well as to keep the weight off after it is lost. Pets will not have to feel like they are starving, either, since the diet produces a feeling of fullness and satisfaction after mealtime. The diet also satisfies all of a dog’s nutritional needs.

Hill’s Metabolic Canned Food: A unique blend of ingredients for weight loss in dogs

The secret to Hill’s Prescription Diet Metabolic Canned Food lies in its unique blend of ingredients, which all work together to promote healthy weight loss while offering excellent nutrition. A special mixture of fruits and vegetables gives pets a supply of powerful antioxidants, while also acting as a high protein source.

Hill’s Metabolic Canned Food is Ideal for weight loss and maintenance

As the diet is designed to be a complete nutritional solution, pet owners are advised to feed their dogs exclusively with Hill’s Metabolic Canned Food Prescription Diet, measuring the correct quantities according to the dog’s size and desired weight loss.

After your dog has reached his ideal weight, continue using Hill’s Prescription Diet for weight maintenance that lasts, adjusting feeding amounts accordingly.

Reasons Dogs Gain Weight

The biggest culprits of weight gain in dogs tend to be overeating, over snacking between meals and a lack of exercise. These are all factors their owners have direct control over. Portion control needs to be exercised carefully, and treats curbed between meals. Owners should also take responsibility and ensure their pets receive adequate daily exercise according to their size and breed.

Age can also be a factor in causing weight gain. As dogs age, their metabolisms slow down, and they are more likely to become overweight.

This is especially so if they are of breeds that tend to be heavier-set and thus more prone to weight gain. Such breeds include Saint Bernards, beagles and golden retrievers. 

The Dangers of Weight Gain in Dogs

Weight gain can dramatically reduce your dog’s quality of life. Excess weight can cause joint and mobility issues, which will plague your dog more and more as he ages. Conversely, weight loss will enable your pet to enjoy his recreational time so much more.

Overweight dogs are also at risk of a whole lot of serious illnesses including diabetes and pancreatitis. Losing weight is essential for dogs suffering from such conditions, as their symptoms can become easier to manage and less uncomfortable when the weight is lost.

Using Hill’s Metabolic Canned Food to Encourage Weight Loss

The trick to getting your dog to lose weight in a pain-free manner is to use food to encourage the weight loss. For instance, Hill’s Prescription Diet Metabolic Canned Food is versatile enough to be consumed by your dog in a number of tasty ways. You can incorporate the diet into your own homemade treats by baking them in a microwave oven. They can also be mixed in with other types of dry food.

To ensure your pet’s safety, always ensure that any prescription diet be prescribed by a vet. Ask your vet to prescribe Hill’s Prescription Diet Metabolic Canned Food for Dogs, which is one of the most trusted weight loss products on the market. Hill’s Pet Nutrition are one of the world’s best-known providers of nutrition solutions for pets and trusted by vets all over the globe.


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