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Hills j/d Canine Joint Care Prescription Diet


Product Description

Hill’s j/d Canine Dry Dog Food Description

Hill’s Prescription Diet J/D Canine Joint Care is a dry food specially formulated for dogs with joint problems. 

Many dogs, especially large breeds such as Great Danes, Pyrenean Mountain Dog, and Saint Bernards are prone to canine arthritis and poor joint health as they age. 

The special formula of food and vitamin supplements in Hill’s Prescription Diet J/D been clinically proven to aid in the improvement of joint health and mobility in dogs.


Benefits of Feeding Hill’s j/d Dry Dog Food

Vets recommend Hill’s Prescription Diet J/D Canine Joint Care for dogs already showing signs of joint issues or for breeds where being proactive helps to prevent or decrease severity of problems. 

Have your arthritic dogs walking, running and jumping with joy again within a few weeks by changing their diet.  While a senior dog can’t suddenly revert to the vitality of puppyhood, the possibility of improved mobility with less or no pain is greatly enhanced with proper nutrition and vitamin supplements.

There are no worries about weight gain with this food.  It’s formulated so that dogs don’t gain unnecessary weight which would lead to further difficulties with painful and immobile joints.

Key Ingredients in Hill's j/d Dry Dog Food

The ingredient list includes specific vitamins and supplements to aid in improving joint health.  Omega 3 fatty acid and EPA helps to nourish cartilage.  The healthier cartilage is, the easier dogs can stretch and move. 

Another important ingredient, L-carnitine, is important for weight management.  Extra weight adds stress to already poor joints so maintaining a fit weight for optimum health is ideal. 

How Hill’s j/d Dry Dog Food Works

Examinations by veterinarians of dogs being fed Hill’s Prescription Diet J/D proved an increase in serum concentration of Omega-3 Fatty Acids and EPA which aid in joint health.

Including high levels of omega-3 fatty acids in dog food is a relatively recent concept and one that seems effective for overall fitness.  

A double blind study used owner assessment along with examinations by veterinarians to evaluate osteoarthritis in two groups of dogs.  The group fed Hill’s Prescription Diet J/D showed significant improvement in the ability to go from resting or napping to walking and playing with comfort and fuller mobility. 

Another study found that NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) may often be reduced when fed Hill’s Prescription Diet J/D.  

Hill's j/d Dry Dog Food Promise of Quality

Multiple studies have been done on the efficacy of Hill’s Prescription Diet J/D and every time, it’s been clinically proven by independent experts to be excellent in delivering promised health benefits to your pet.  

It’s possible to decrease dosages of joint medications for your pet by 25% in a few weeks and possibly more over a longer period of time. 

When pets get their optimum nutrition, with ingredients to improve joint health, you’re saving yourself and your dog the anxiety of taking pills.

Hill's j/d Dry Dog Food Prescriptions 

This is a prescription-only product and we recommend speaking with your veterinarian today about the possibility of treating your dog’s arthritic or joint issues through proper nutrition. 

Hill’s takes pride in formulating specific foods for your dog’s requirements.  When it comes to health and well being, nobody does it better than Hill’s. Learn more about the many Hill's prescription diets we carry to help your animals stay amazing. 


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