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Hills j/d Feline Joint Care Prescription Diet - Canned


Product Description

Hills J/D is designed to assist Cats with joint disease or osteoarthritis. All of the prescription diets should only be utilised under the direction of a veterinarian. It is important to identify the best diet for your pet’s condition.

What Conditions Does J/D Treat?

  • Osteoarthritis or Degenerative Joint Disease.
  • Cats with lameness or pain.
  • Great for cats with knee injuries or hip pain.

Features and Benefits

  • Nutritionally balanced to ensure weight loss without compromising taste.
  • Added L-carnitine to increase lean muscle mass and increase metabolism.
  • Added antioxidants to support the immune system and a healthy skin and coat.
  • Comes with the Hills 100% money back guarantee, so if your pet does not eat it, return it for a refund.

Why Hills J/D?

Hills Prescription diets are based on sound nutritional research to treat specific health conditions. Hills J/D has all the ingredients necessary to support your cat's joints, without the need for additional supplements.

The Hills J/D prescription diet is based on sound research to treat joint disease and increase mobility for cats within 21 days. Pet owners tend to notice their cat is more active in a short space of time.

Because the signs of osteoarthritis are often gradual, we often assume our pets are simply getting older. Old age in itself is not a disease, that stiffness in the morning and inability to keep up towards the end of a walk is usually a sign of pain. The pain of osteoarthritis is treatable which is why Hills J/D has been formulated to help reduce joint inflammation.

Cats who have had an injury such as a torn cruciate ligament, have undergone orthopaedic surgery or have hip dysplasia will often be prescribed Hills J/D by their veterinarian. If you are not sure if Hills J/D is the right diet for your pet, please chat to your veterinarian about what can be done to help you, help your pet.

Quality and Safety

Hills Prescription diets are made in the US with strict quality and processing standards.

Ingredients are sourced only from Australia, Europe, North America and New Zealand so purity and safety can be guaranteed.

All Prescription Diets are scientifically formulated to meet your dog’s unique nutritional needs.

Here at Love That Pet we provide pet lovers and your pets with Amazing Care solutions, Astounding Value pet supplies and truly Awesome Service each and every day. Buy online with confidence knowing that we strive every day to deliver you the best price and value combined with the best nutritional advice.

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