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Hills Prescription Diet b/d Canine Brain Aging Care


Product Description

Hill's b/d Dry Dog Food Description 

This product is a completely balanced food formulated to meet the full nutritional requirements of your aging dog. 

Senior dogs can suffer from a number of brain related maladies such as cognitive dysfunction syndrome, personality changes and canine dementia.  Like humans, dogs simply slow down as they age and this happens to the brain as well as the body.  

Benefits of Feeding Hill's b/d Dry Dog Food

Studies show that benefits include improved memory and learning ability in older dogs. 

The antioxidants increase support for a healthy immune system by protecting brain cells.

High levels of L-carnitine is part of the formula and helps with maintaining healthy muscle mass.

Proper protein levels in combination with phosphorus and sodium aid in maintaining and promoting heart and kidney well being.

Dogs, just like humans, need their organs to work correctly so their brains can as well. 

How Hill's b/d Helps Fight Aging Dog Health Concerns

Aging in dogs isn’t exactly a disease but more of a process.  It will happen and your dog will lose some cognitive abilities.  Symptoms can be improved through proper nutrition and exercise or brain games.

Signs of Impaired Brain Function in Dogs

Most dogs have some form of separation anxiety being that they are basically pack animals by instinct.  But if your dog has been left alone during work hours for 10 years and suddenly becomes anxious, there may be impaired brain function.

Changes in sleep patterns can signal a dog having difficulty with processing how to order his day.  He may seem confused or even bothered by slight changes in daily routine. 

Dogs with impaired brain function are prone to being more easily irritated and should be supervised around young children.  It’s not as if they will suddenly go from a sweet tempered to a bad tempered dog but more like losing patience and not understanding the activity and noise of children.

Sudden loud noises may cause fright, rather than a simple alert-to-bark response. 

Your dog may appear confused or slower than usual following commands that before got an instant and correct response.

Although it’s likely your dog will continue to eat, if he is struggling with brain impairment or dementia, he may lose interest in food or act as though he is constantly hungry.

Hill's b/d Dry Dog Food to The Rescue

Hill’s Prescription Diet B/D Brain Aging Care is formulated, clinically tested and proven to provide the nutritional requirements and supplements to aid in reducing problems with brain impairment as dogs age.  

See http://www.hillspet.com/en/us/products/pd-canine-bd-dry for clinical proof.

Transitioning Your Dog to Hill's b/d Dry Dog Food

When changing foods, remember that dogs are similar to humans in that sudden dietary differences can cause upset stomachs.  A senior dog with aging brain issues needs special patience and consideration. 

Take at least 1 week and possibly up to 2 when changing from the old food to the new.  Begin by replacing a small amount of the dog’s regular food with Hill’s Prescription Diet B/D and over the next week or so, slowly increase the new while decreasing the old. 

As quickly as three weeks post change over from old food to Hill’s Prescription Diet B/D, owners report a noticeable cognitive difference in their dogs.  

Weight Maintenance While on b/d Dog Food

Too much or too little weight is a contributor to worsening aging issues. Hill’s Prescription Diet B/D is designed to aid with your pet maintaining a good weight for optimal health.  

Games for Brain Health

Hide and seek is fun for dogs. If your pet hasn’t played before, start by ‘hiding’ a treat in plain sight.  Release him to go for the treat and slowly start hiding in more difficult to find, but not impossible, locations. 

Picking up the toys is another activity that is good for a dog’s brain.  You may first need to teach “drop it” and then over time help them understand to take the toys to a designated location such as a basket or toy box. 

Once they’ve mastered dropping the toys in a bin, go for trying to get them to do it by name.  For instance, squeak, bear (as in stuffed animal), bone and ball are all words a dog can quickly learn to differentiate and attach to specific items. 

Remember your aging dog will need your love and attention more than ever.  He won’t be the troublesome puppy he once was but he will be looking to you for assurance and acceptance.  Be patient and your dog will respond in kind.  

Ordering Hill's b/d Dry Dog Food

Hill’s Prescription Diet B/D Canine Brain Aging Care for Older Dogs is a veterinarian prescribed product.  Speak with your vet today and help your dog live a full and happy lifespan.  You can also see our full line of Hill's prescription foods.


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