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Hills t/d Canine Dental Care Prescription Diet


Product Description

Hill’s Prescription Diet T/D Dental Care for Dogs

Just as humans need to brush their teeth, floss and visit the dentist, dogs’ oral health needs to be maintained, too. Good oral health is essential for all dog breeds for a variety of reasons—poor oral health leads to bad breath, and dental disease not only destroys a dog’s teeth but can also lead to more serious issues like heart problems and infections.

Hill’s Prescription Diet T/D Dental Care is an oral care solution that has been formulated especially for dogs. The product has been clinically proven to improve canine dental health by reducing stains, plaque and tartar. It works by cleaning the surface of dogs’ teeth and fighting plaque.

Importance of Oral Care

One of the biggest reasons dogs need to observe proper dental care is to prevent gum disease. While the beginnings of gum disease are almost undetectable, at a certain point it can wreak havoc on a dog’s mouth and health. Dogs with gum disease lose teeth, suffer from chronic pain and even suffer from bone loss.

Gum disease is unfortunately quite common in pet dogs, which is a pity as it is preventable. It starts out with bacteria that is left on a dog’s teeth after eating and begins to form plaque. The bacteria found in plaque causes the body to try to fight it via white blood cells, which then release enzymes. These enzymes start to erode the gums, which then became inflamed. Tissue then breaks down, bone is lost, and the dog starts losing teeth. While humans also suffer from gum disease, it is five times as common in dogs.

Gum disease is particularly insidious because animals often do not show signs of having it until it is too late. Dogs are likely to try to hide any tooth-related pain as it is a sign of weakness.

Symptoms of gum disease include loose teeth, blood in saliva or on chew toys, using only one side of the mouth to chew and making noise when yawning or eating. Unfortunately, by the time any of these symptoms are observable, gum disease has usually reached an advanced stage.

In a worst case scenario, when a considerable amount of bone loss has occurred, the only possible treatment is tooth extraction. As such, it is important to monitor your dog’s oral health together with your vet, and ensure that you detect gum disease early on should it occur. Pairing Hill’s T/D with vet exams and oral care can go a long way towards keeping your pet’s mouth healthy.

Hill’s T/D Keeps Your Dog’s Teeth and Gums Healthy

Great oral hygiene starts at a young age. From the day you take your dog home, brush your dog’s teeth daily and put in place a regular schedule for oral check-ups with your vet, as well as professional cleaning sessions. Feed your dog a diet like Hill’s T/D to maintain great oral health.

There are also some treats and toys that can promote cleanliness of the teeth and gums. These include chew toys that are designed to clean the teeth and gums as the dog gnaws on them, as well as treats which can cleanse the mouth as they are chewed. However, these products are no substitute for proper dental care and veterinary attention.

You might also want to consider feeding your dog a specially-formulated dental diet, Hill’s T/D. Such foods are designed to scrape dirt off the teeth before it can harden, and might also contain substances that can delay the hardening of plaque.

 Hill's Pet Nutrition

Hills Pet Nutrition are one of the world’s most trusted pet nutrition specialists. Hills carry a range of pet foods, supplements and other health and nutrition products that promote the wellbeing of various species of pets and target health issues. Hills products are frequently prescribed by veterinarians.

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