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KONG Flyer


Product Description

The KONG Flyer is one of the best Frisbees available for your dog. Made with durable natural rubber, the KONG Flyer is soft and safe on canine teeth and gums.

The KONG Flyer is made out of the classic KONG rubber, so you know it is durable, non-toxic and natural. It is perfect for games of fetch with a Frisbee (or flying disc). Because it is made from the classic KONG rubber, the KONG Flyer is soft on your dog’s teeth and gums so you don’t have to worry about broken teeth. It is much safer than plastic Frisbees for everyone involved. Exercising your dog by playing fetch with a Frisbee is a great activity for everyone. You will have hours of outdoor fun with your pet. The KONG Flyer is accurate when thrown and designed in such a way as to create a soft-catch for your dog. The KONG Flyer comes in two sizes, Small and Large.

Why Choose The KONG Flyer?

  • Ideal for dogs that like to fetch and catch objects whilst in mid-aid. The KONG flyer has a steady flight pattern and edges that are made for easy catch and carry
  • Ideal if you are concerned about your dog’s teeth when playing with a traditional Frisbee, this is a much safer option
  • Ideal for dogs that have a tendency to destroy toys. The KONG range is made of durable rubber that has been rigorously tested to ensure both longevity and safety
  • Ideal for dogs that tear around the house, playing fetch with KONG Flyer is great exercise and will help use up some of that extra energy. Without that pent up energy problem behaviours will diminish, such as barking and digging

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