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KONG Genius Leo


Product Description

Named after Leonardo Da Vinci, the KONG Genius Leo is designed to challenge your dog.

The KONG Genius Leo is all about stimulating your pet and holding their attention for extended periods of time. The centre is hollow so you can put treats inside. It is shaped in such a way to make it difficult for your pet to reach the treats, so that they need to put in a sustained effort in order to succeed. It is a great way to keep your dog entertained while you are out. It will help keep them from being bored, and you will therefore see less of those problem behaviours, like barking all day. It can also help pets with separation anxiety. The first 20 minutes after you leave is when their anxiety peaks. If your pet is distracted by a Kong toy for that time, they will experience less feelings of anxiousness. The KONG Genius Leo can be used on its own, or connected to the KONG Genius Mike to make it extra challenging and interesting for your dog. The KONG Genius Leo is made of the classic KONG rubber that is durable, non-toxic and natural. A note of caution, however, is that the Genius Leo is a slightly different design to typical KONG products. Because of the shape, the rubber is slightly thinner, so larger dogs who are keen chewers may be able to pull it apart with some effort. A tip for making it last is to only put small items inside the KONG . The idea is to encourage your dog to bounce the KONG around at different angles so the treats fall out. As opposed to having larger treats inside where they might be tempted to try to chew through the rubber to reach the treat. The KONG Genius Leo comes in three sizes, Small, Large, Extra Large.

Why Choose The KONG Genius Leo?

  • Ideal for dogs that have a tendency to destroy toys. The KONG range is made of durable rubber that has been rigorously tested to ensure both longevity and safety.
  • If your dog has a tendency to eat their food too quickly, this could be an alternative option as the food is distributed slowly in a sustained manner rather than put down in a bowl in front of them.
  • Ideal for dogs that tear around the house, playing with this rubber toy is great exercise and will help use up some of that extra energy. Without that pent up energy, problem behaviours will diminish, such as barking and digging. The KONG Genius Leo can also be stuffed with treats to help extend play time while you are away from home
  • If your dog experiences separation anxiety whenever you leave the house, you could try giving them a KONG toy stuffed with treats just as you are leaving.  Not only will it distract them during what would be the peak of their anxiety, it will also help create a positive association for them when you leave the house.

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