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KONG Puppy


Product Description

KONG has been a leader in dog toys for over 30 years with an impressive reputation amongst pet professionals and pet owners alike.

The KONG Puppy is made from rubber that is durable and is sure to be a long-lasting toy. The rubber and unusual shape give it an unpredictable bounce, making it tonnes of fun for games of fetch with your pet. The natural rubber compound makes it perfect for puppies who love to chew. It is also brightly coloured, so it is visible and unlikely to be lost in a backyard. The centre is hollowed out so you can insert a treat of some kind and set your puppy to work trying to reach the treat. They’ll stay out of trouble for extended periods of time as they battle with the toy to reach what is inside. The KONG puppy is available in a number of sizes so you are sure to find the right fit for your pet. It comes in Small, Medium, and Large.

Why Choose The KONG Puppy?

  • Ideal for puppies that just won’t stop chewing things they shouldn’t be chewing. The KONG puppy is durable and interactive making it the perfect toy for them to sink their teeth into. Chewing is great for stress relief in anxious and high energy puppies.
  • Ideal for puppies that have a tendency to destroy toys. The KONG range is made of durable rubber that has been rigorously tested to ensure both longevity and safety
  • Ideal for puppies that tear around the house, playing with this ball is great exercise and will help use up some of that extra energy. Without that pent up energy, problem behaviours will diminish, such as barking and digging. The KONG puppy can also be stuffed with treats to help extend play time while you are away from home.
  • Puppies need play as part of their development. A game of fetch with toys from the KONG range is not only beneficial to them physically and mentally, but also strengthens your bond with them.
  • If your puppy experiences separation anxiety whenever you leave the house, you could try giving them a KONG toy stuffed with treats just as you are leaving. Your canine companion will be distracted for long enough to get past that initial anxiety stage by the time they realise you have left. It will also help create a positive association for them when you leave the house.

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