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NexGard Green Flea and Tick Treatment for Medium Dogs 10.1-25kg


Product Description

NexGard Green 10.1-25kg Flea and Tick Treatment for Dogs

While all dogs are at risk of getting ticks and fleas, the risk varies depending on each individual dog’s lifestyle. Medium-sized dogs often spend as much time outdoors as larger dogs due to their need for exercise, but at the same time are more likely to be exposed to other dogs in environments such as day care.

NexGard Green is a formulation which gets rid of fleas and ticks on a dog’s body for a period of 30 days. It comes in the form of a beef-flavoured chew, which when wolfed down by the dog starts to act immediately. Once the 30 day period is up, the dog can take another dose of the chew to ensure continued protection.

Australian dogs tend to spend a lot of time outdoors thanks to year-round sunshine. Unfortunately, this also means they receive ample exposure to areas that could potentially be pest-infested, such as parks and bush. As some flea and tick types, such as the deadly paralysis tick, can be extremely dangerous to health, it is advisable to administer a flea and tick treatment to keep the pests at bay. 

Why is NexGard Green so Effective in Killing Fleas and Ticks?

NexGard’s key ingredient is afoxolaner, a substance which kills ticks and fleas by causing their nervous systems to become overstimulated. The afoxolaner continues to remain in effect for 30 days once a single NexGard chew is ingested.

How Fast Does NexGard Green Start Working?

Once NexGard is administered, it is very quickly absorbed into your pet’s bloodstream. Within 2 to 6 hours, it will be at peak performance. All most all fleas are killed within 24 hours of ingestion.

Can Pregnant Dogs Take NexGard Green?

If your dog is pregnant, nursing or lactating, ask for your vet’s advice before administering NexGard. The safety of NexGard for pregnant and lactating dogs has not been evaluated. 

How safe is NexGard Green?

NexGard is usually safe so long as it is administered only to dogs. Never try administering NexGard to cats or other types of pets. Observe your dog closely just in case he is intolerant to NexGard. While rare, side effects such as diarrhoea, vomiting and itching do occur in some dogs.

Is NexGard Green Waterproof?

Since NexGard is swallowed by your dog, no amount of exposure to water will diminish its effectiveness. So go ahead and take your dog for a swim right after administering NexGard.

Must NexGard Green be Prescribed by a Vet?

There is no need for a vet’s prescription to administer NexGuard in Australia.

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