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NexGard Blue Flea and Tick Treatment for Small Dogs 4.1-10kg


Product Description

NexGard Blue 4.1-10kg Flea and Tick Treatment for Dogs

Small dogs have lifestyles that can differ quite greatly from those of larger dogs. While large dogs are more likely to be spotted hiking in the mountains, small dogs regularly take walks in their neighbourhood, and when their owners go on holiday there’s a chance they will end up in pet hotels or being looked after by a pet sitter.

All these activities expose small dogs to a range of environments that may open them up to the risk of picking up fleas and ticks. Fleas and ticks often infest parks, gardens or even your own front yard. They can also be found indoors, in living rooms and pet daycare centres. Finally, if your dog comes into contact with other animals, there is nothing stopping fleas and ticks from hopping from one host to another.

NexGard Blue is an effective way to kill all the fleas and ticks on your dog’s body and ensure no new ones reappear. This flea and tick solution, which is both curative and preventative, comes in the form of a beef-flavoured chew, which once eaten stays effective for 30 whole days. The dog only needs to take another chew when the 30 days have lapsed.

NexGard Blue is ideal for Australian pets due to the proliferation of fleas and ticks in Australia. There are over 70 types of ticks in the country. Some of these pests, such as the paralysis tick, can have severe health consequences for your pets. However, the regular use of NexGard Blue can eliminate this danger. For instance, the paralysis tick usually needs three days to pose a danger to dogs. The use of NexGard will ensure that any paralysis ticks are killed before they can cause any harm.

What Makes NexGard Blue so Effective?

NexGard’s secret lies in the ingredient afoxolaner. This is the ingredient that proves deadly to ticks and fleas. It kills them by causing overstimulation of their nervous systems. Once NexGard is taken by your pet, it will be effective for 30 days. Any flea or tick on your dog’s body automatically gets killed.

How Quickly Does NexGard Blue Take Effect?

NexGard works very quickly. Once it is taken by your dog, it promptly enters his bloodstream. Within 2-6 hours of ingestion, NexGard will attain peak performance. Within 6 hours of taking NexGard, all the fleas on your dog will be killed. 

Is NexGard Blue affected by water?

NexGard is completely waterproof. Since it is ingested internally, swimming or bathing does not affect how well it works.

Can nursing dogs use NexGard Blue?

While NexGard is generally safe, if your dog is pregnant or just gave birth and is now nursing, it would be best to consult your vet to check if it would be alright to use NexGard.

Is NexGard Blue safe to use?

NexGard is generally very safe for dogs that are 8 weeks or older, with a weight of 4 pounds or more. You should be careful not to use it on any other animals including cats. In addition, make sure you monitor your dog closely after use just in case he suffers from side effects like diarrhoea, dry or flaking skin, lethargy or vomiting. 

Is a Prescription Required in Order to Buy NexGuard Blue?

No, your dog can legally use NexGuard without a prescription.

Who is MSD Animal Health?

MSD Animal Health are a globally-renowned company that designs and makes health and medical products for a range of animals, including all major types of farm animals and pets. Their products are routinely prescribed by vets in Australia and elsewhere.

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