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NexGard Orange for Very Small Dogs 2-4kg


Product Description

NexGard Orange 2-4kg Flea and Tick Treatment for Very Small Dogs

No matter how small a dog might be, it is always at risk of ticks and fleas. Very small dogs might lead very different lives from large ones, but that does not mean that they are at a lower risk. Small dogs tend to spend a lot of time in their neighbourhoods, where they might pick fleas up from vegetation in parks or front yards. In addition, they tend to spend quite a bit of time indoors, where fleas and ticks can also lurk, waiting for a suitable host. What is more, dogs that are sent to pet hotels or dog runs, where they come into contact with other animals, can easily become carriers of fleas and ticks.

NexGard Orange is a flea and tick solution that not only kills fleas and ticks on your dog’s body, but also prevents any others from choosing your dog as a host. These beef-flavoured chews are packed with an active ingredient that lasts for 30 days, meaning your pet only needs to take one chew every 30 days for continuous protection.

Australian pets are at a high risk of getting fleas and ticks, since there are many varieties of fleas and ticks which thrive there. For instance, Australia is, unfortunately, a place where more than 70 kinds of fleas exist, including the frightening paralysis tick.

How does NexGard Orange kill fleas and ticks?

NexGard contains afoxolaner, which when absorbed into the bloodstream can directly act upon ticks and fleas on a dog’s body. Afoxolaner fatally overstimulates the nervous systems of fleas and ticks, causing them to die and detach themselves from your dog’s skin. You will then see them on the fur of your dog.

How Quickly Does NexGard Orange Act?

NexGard acts extremely quickly. Not long after the chew is eaten by your dog, the active ingredients will be absorbed into its bloodstream, reaching their peak effectiveness in 2 to 6 hours. Within 6 hours, you can expect all fleas to have died.

Does Water Diminish NexGard Orange’s Effectiveness?

Any water on your dog’s body will have no impact on the effectiveness of NexGard. Since NexGard enters your dog’s body via ingestion, any water applied externally, such as through swimming or washing, will not diminish NexGard’s effectiveness.

Can NexGard Organge  Be Taken by Pregnant Dogs?

While NexGard is generally safe, please consult your vet if your dog is pregnant, lactating or has recently given birth.

Is NexGard Orange Safe for All Dogs?

NexGard is generally safe for all breeds of dogs that have attained the age of 8 weeks and the weight of 2kgs. However, never use NexGard on any other animals including cats.

Can you use NexGard Orange Without a Prescription?

Yes, there is no need to obtain a prescription to use NexGard in Australia.

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