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Rose-Hip Vital Canine


Product Description

Rose-hip Vital is a natural and effective way to tackle the pain of inflammatory disease in dogs.

Rose-hip Vital is formulated from Rosa canina fruit powder and is a new supplement gaining popularity for its anti-inflammatory effects. The fruit has high levels of vitamin C, known for its antioxidant and immune system boosting effects. The product contains no artificial additives or flavours. It has been registered with the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) and has undergone stringent research and testing to ensure it is effective and safe. Significant research has been undertaken in people with osteoarthritis and the human registered product has been shown in a number of clinical trials to reduce the pain associated with osteoarthritis. The product is also registered for horses. For many dogs the pain of osteroarthritis can be debilitating. Athritic pain can develop after an injury such as a cruciate ligament tear, due to hip dysplasia or can be a normal part of the aging process. An estimated 20% of middle age and 90% of old dogs have osteoarthritis. This insidious disease can be difficult to detect, but some subtle signs include:

  • Sleeping more.
  • Loss of interest in play or walks.
  • Stiff and sore when getting up or sitting down.
  • Sore the day after a long walk.
  • Licking or chewing over the joints.
  • Pacing at night.

Why Should I Choose Rose-Hip Vital Canine?

  • As part of an arthritis management plan to reduce inflammatory pain.
  • To reduce reliance on costly NSAIDs that have a higher risk of side effects.

When Should I Use Something Else?

  • If your dog has significant pain, Rose-hip Vital is just one facet of your arthritis management plan, please see your vet for some additional options that could include a diet like Hills J/D.

What else do I need?

If your dog has osteoarthritis, an omega 3 or fish oil supplement works very well in conjunction with the active ingredients in Rose-Hip Vital Canine. You can either use a liquid supplement given on food such as PAW Dermega Omega 3 & 6 Oral Supplement, or instead use PAW Osteosupport Joint Care Powder, which also contains green lipped muscle. If your pet suffers from allergies, joint pain or skin conditions our Health & Wellbeing range for Dogs and Cats may also help you provide them with relief.

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