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Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Feline Hypoallergenic


Product Description

Royal Canin Hypoallergenic is designed to assist pets with food intolerance's or allergies. It should ideally be used under the direction of a veterinarian to assist in properly diagnosing and treating your pet’s condition.

What Conditions Does Royal Canin Hypoallergenic Treat?

  • Digestive symptoms such as intermittent diarrhoea, weight loss and vomiting.
  • Food allergies and intolerances
  • Great for pets with itchy skin who lick their feet or get frequent skin and ear infections.
  • Can be great for cats with inflammatory bowel disease.
  • Some types of constipated cats can improve on Hypoallergenic.

Features and Benefits

  • Contains hydrolysed protein disguised in a form the immune system will not react to.
  • Improves skin barrier function for pets with allergies.
  • Contains EPA/DHA essential fatty acids, to support immune function and reduce inflammation.
  • Contains fermentable fibres including beet pulp as prebiotics for healthy digestion..
  • Can be used as an elimination diet or novel protein food trial to diagnose a food allergy.

Why Royal Canin Hypoallergenic?

This unique formulation has been developed to be used under the direction of a veterinarian as part of a food trial to diagnose and treat food allergies.

Food allergies in cats can lead to itchy skin and hairloss, particularly around the head and neck. Pets suffering from allergies may also get frequent ear infections and have greasy, crusty skin.

Some food allergies cause stomach upsets, weight loss, diarrhoea or even constipation. If your pet has frequent vomiting or diarrhoea, please seek veterinary advice before using this diet; a food allergen is only one of the many causes of gastrointestinal signs.

As part of the treatment plan for your pet’s allergies your veterinarian will often recommend an 8-12 week food trial to identify if food allergens play a part in your pets skin and digestive issues. At the end of the food trial you can either continue with this diet if it has helped your pet’s condition, or you can reintroduce the previous diet to see if signs recur, but please chat to your vet about this next stage.

Quality and Safety

Royal Canin understands the nutritional needs of pets during their different life stages and illnesses. All diets are nutritionally formulated and based on scientific research to establish benefits for key ingredients.

All raw ingredients are tested for contaminants such as Salmonella, melamine and mycotoxins, to ensure quality and safety.

Here at Love That Pet we provide pet lovers and your pets with Amazing Care solutions, Astounding Value pet supplies and truly Awesome Service each and every day. Buy online with confidence knowing that we strive every day to deliver you the best price and value combined with the best nutritional advice.

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