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Scalibor Protector Band Tick Collar for Dogs


Product Description

The Scalibor Tick Collar provides odourless tick protection, including paralysis ticks, that lasts for 3 months.

The Scalibor Tick Collar is one size fits all. No need to work out your size, as this will suit even the biggest pooch and can be cut to fit small and toy dogs. It is safe to use from 8 weeks of age and works by transferring the active ingredient onto your dog’s skin via friction. The active ingredient deltamethrin is carried over your dog’s body through the natural oils in the skin, protecting your pet from ticks. It works via friction, rather than evaporation, which is why there is no smell. The Scalibor Tick Collar provides 3 months protection for paralysis ticks, and 26 weeks protection for brown dog ticks. To use the tick collar, simply fit it snugly, so that 3 fingers can fit underneath the collar, then trim the excess length. As with any tick preventative, please be sure to check your pet daily for ticks just in case as no product is 100% effective and it only takes one tiny paralysis tick to cause problems. Ticks do need to be attached for more than 48 hours to cause paralysis.

Why Should I Choose Scalibor Tick Collars?

  • Convenient 3 month paralysis tick protection for all sized dogs.
  • Odourless and non-toxic for humans and pets.

Why Would I Need Something Else?

  • This product will not protect against fleas.
  • If your dog swims frequently, you will need to remove the collar then replace it after swimming.

What Else Do I Need?

We would suggest investing in a tick puller in case you get the occasional tick attached (which can occur with any tick preventative). This product does not protect against fleas, so consider adding in a flea product like Advocate, Revolution, Advantage, Comfortis, Panoramis or Frontline monthly.

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