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ThunderShirt for Dogs


Product Description

The ThunderShirt works by applying gentle, calming pressure to relieve stress in dogs who experience anxiety.

The ThunderShirt is a wrap that applies gentle pressure, like a big comforting hug. It works on the principle that deep pressure can be reassuring and calming to the nervous system. Deep pressure touch is utilised for a number of psychiatric conditions in people, particularly in sensory processing disorders. The ThunderShirt was developed by the founders of ThunderWorks for their own dog Dosi. Dosi suffered a debilitating noise phobia. After investigating solutions for Dosi in 2009, the ThunderShirt idea was born and was so successful, they started creating ThunderShirts for other pets. ThunderShirts are now used by pet owners all over the world for a multitude of conditions based in anxiety and fear. If your dog has separation anxiety, barks due to stress, anxiety or fear, or is fearful of new situations and people, the ThunderShirt could be the low cost, easy non-drug solution you need. If your dog exhibits behaviour such as pacing, licking the lips, vocalising and destructive tendencies when left alone or with storms, loud noises, travel or routine changes, the ThunderShirt could help. In a customer survey of over 2000 dogs, 80% of dogs responded to the calming effect of the ThunderShirt. Deep touch pressure has been utilised in many different settings, such as with autistic children, those with ADHD and in some psychiatric disorders. In a similar way to swaddling a young baby to increase safety, reduce extraneous stimulation and calm the central nervous system, deep pressure can have a soothing effect. The most notable advocate for deep pressure touch is Temple Grandin, a well-known, highly functioning autistic behaviourist who has a special interest in cattle handling. As a youth, Temple Grandin developed a ‘crush’ for herself, utilising similar principles to the Thundershirt. The ThunderShirt is applied like a wrap or swaddle for a newborn. The lightweight, breathable fabric means that even in hot climates the ThunderShirt can be left on for long periods of time. It is fully machine washable, easy to clean and made with super-soft, durable fabric. The ThunderWorks company believes in their product so much they offer a 45 day money back guarantee. Please contact us for more information.

Why Should I Choose the Thundershirt?

  • For dogs with separation anxiety.
  • Dogs that have storm phobias or fireworks phobias.
  • For generalised anxiety, changes and stress in dogs.
  • Great for dogs who are fearful about travel and visits to the vet.

Why Would I Use Something Else?

  • If your dog is still anxious despite the calming effects of the ThunderShirt, see your vet for some pharmacological options.
  • For dogs with separation anxiety, consult a veterinary behaviourist for additional advice.

What else do I need?

Pets with anxiety often respond to pheromone therapy, so using Adaptil and the ThunderShirt together can be extremely useful.

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